Mission Statement

Welcome to The Heidi Bryans Network.  Our business is to qualify your print job and connect with the right supplier and the most suitable equipment to deliver uncompromised quality, at the best price, on time.  Our success is based on finding the best options for your print job.

HBN’s successful approach as “Print Brokers Extraordinaire” is based on 2 key strengths:

  • Excellence in pricing and project management achieved by a thorough understanding of all print processes and technology available today.
  • Creative inspiration based on intelligent problem solving.  Our best work is innovative, differentiating and unexpected.

We will always strive to be Extraordinaire. We will work in the best interests of our clientele and establish relationships that are based on trust and integrity.  We will reach to understand our clients’ needs ~ the most important step towards providing the best solution.  We will always be eager to learn, to educate and to inspire, in our evolving world of new trends and technology.

Who is Heidi Bryans?

  • Print Broker Extraordinaire
  • Serving the print industry for over 33 years
  • Graduate, Advertising & Graphic Design, Humber College
  • Recipient of the Byron Hales Memorial Award for Proficiency in Innovative Typographic Design
  • Wife, Mother, Friend, Lover of Life

Heidi Bryans started her career in 1985 as a graphic designer for a print broker firm and developed her talent to interpret needs and ideas.  Through a passion to combine design efficiencies with printing processes, Heidi furthered her career as designer/print broker by concentrating on finding the most efficient print solutions.

In 1992, the company joined forces with another printer who owned presses and manufactured mostly inhouse.  Having appreciated the flexibility of choosing different printers and presses as a former print broker, Heidi was always challenging her own employer, making sure that her clients were getting the best solution and respectively, the best prices.  Heidi often attracted jobs not so well suited to the inhouse equipment.

Her enthusiasm for design excellence always lured her to experiment with various substrates and inks.  Creation of something out of the ordinary, something different, something memorable was always the goal.

It wasn’t until someone within the company actually said, “Heidi!  Can’t you just stick to selling ink on paper!?”  The answer was quite obviously “no” and in 1999, The Heidi Bryans Network was established:  A place where Heidi Bryans can create the extraordinary and where the clients always come first!


A print broker is hired by the client to oversee all of the technicalities surrounding a print job, acting as the consultant, specifier and production co-ordinator.  Print brokers make the relationship between you and print suppliers as seamless and cost-effective as possible.

A great print broker has the expertise and experience in the following areas:

  • Design fundamentals and how to alter a design to accommodate today's presses
  • Prepress knowledge including how to best impose files on a press sheet
  • Qualifying and coordinating your print job so that various suppliers can work in synergy to achieve the best result
  • Current software programs common to the industry
  • All printing processes including sheet fed offset, web offset, digital, flexographic and silkscreen
  • Bindery and Finishing techniques
  • Shipping, Distribution and Fulfillment

The HBN Difference

THE HBN print broker exemplifies the traits of a great print broker and more...


Over 35 years experience in the print industry with a background in advertising and graphic design.  We instruct the printer how to run the job, taking into consideration design elements and finishing requirements. Quite often important details can be overlooked affecting quality of print and finishing efficiencies without the consultation of an experienced print broker.  At The Heidi Bryans Network, we look at the overall picture and make sure the job gets done right, the first time.


HBN ensures that every job is considered individually and that only the most qualified suppliers and equipment for that job are involved to ensure the most competitive price and uncompromised quality.


HBN can meet the most stringent delivery demands through our network of suppliers.  Not only do we use highly dedicated, reliable trade only suppliers, but as brokers we have the flexibility of moving the job or using more than one supplier in any one area to ensure delivery on time.


Although price is a primary focus, HBN will guarantee the best quality, without compromise.


We like to think "outside the box" and offer solutions that make a difference to our clients.


There is always more than one way to run a job.  We make it our job to find the best way. HBN exercises all print and finishing options including web offset, sheet fed offset, screen printing, flexo and digital technologies to supply our clients with the best solution.


We will often order custom sheet sizes if standard paper sizes are resulting in too much waste; a definite cost savings for our clients.


HBN provides more than just excellent print management.  From design and print procurement, right through to packaging, storage and distribution, we have the expertise to drive down costs and improve efficiency.

1% For the Planet

We are so proud to be a member of 1% for the Planet, a global network of businesses, individuals and environmental partners tackling our planet's most pressing environmental issues.

1% of all sales (not profits!) are donated to environmental non-profit organizations.  Our clients choose specifically where to direct their 1% of contracts awarded to HBN.

Together we make a difference.


Our Clients.

20 years old and counting... Long term partnerships built on trust and success.


Let’s Connect.

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