A folding marvel that never gets tired.

The Z-Fold card is a folding marvel that includes a front and back cover. From a finished size of 6” x 9” down to 1” x 1” this interactive piece is both fun and functional.  It can be compact enough to fit in a pocket yet opens up to a large, single sheet up to 28” x 40" that can hold a lot of information. Excellent for outdoor applications like trail maps especially when printed on waterproof paper or indoor applications where you need to supply a compact piece packed with data. A durable, long lasting piece that’s hard to wear out.

Die cut cover Z-fold cardIMG_5506-1030x686
Trail map Z-foldANSTEY-664-1030x686
Z-fold card full openIMG_0857-scaled
Z-fold card with coverIMG_73691-scaled
4up Z-fold cards IMG_4490-1030x631

Printing with Foils

Foils have come a long way! Aside from traditional foil stamping that involves film and a die, foil effects can now be produced digitally as well as printed onto a large sheet (metallized laminate) and overprinted with conventional offset printing to create stunning effects. Imagine creating a foil out of a CMYK image that can stand alone!


Radiance never seen before –€“ dazzle you can afford! Akuafoil gives you a wide range of CMYK colors with a sparkling foil finish and an ideal reflection.   State-of-the-art features allow you to produce large solid areas as well as reversed out areas of foil. You can produce foiled half tones, gradients and have multiple colors in foil on the same design. The design possibilities are limited only by your imagination.


Raised Foils add a flash of brilliance that you can see and feel. The combination of raised foil contrasted with the velvety laminated foundation creates a tactile experience that stands out.   Metallic embossment effects can enhance amazing detail in images, special accents, and logos.  Printing on 16pt card stock, laminated both sides with 1.5mil scuff resistant, soft velvet laminate, will produce a substantial thickness of 19pt.


Create WOW with Coatings

Matte and gloss varnishes can be combined on press to create the “WOW” factor. Add some silver into your varnish to create a metalized hue in the background.
Enhance texture, make your product stand out, create WOW.
man on horse gloss and matte
water & sand
Spot UV coating is a great way to accent part of your design.  Overall UV coating will give a glossy, satin or velvety layer of overall protection. Not only do we offer traditional offline UV coating but Digital raised UV coating that can create the “WOW" factor. 
the source

Make It Tear Resistant

With a tear-resistant laminate you can make an ordinary box-board virtually indestructible in the retail environment. Get the advantage of quality printing, stamping and die-cutting techniques, with the added benefit of a scratch and tear-resistant plastic finish. (

Whether you’re producing a menu or a presentation cover, the substrates and possibilities are endless and inspiring!

Floor Graphics

Create an impactful Point of Purchase statement with a full colour, scuff-resistant and fully water-proof decal engineered for application on tile, terrazzo, concrete or wood floors. It is durable, but easily removed without residue when your promotion is over!


Painted Edge  - Foil Guilding

Create some “WOW” with painted edges!  From business cards to memo pads to gold foil gilded book pages we can create a lasting impression.
FOIL GILDING IMG_4577-1030x790

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